Backpacking is awesome - meeting people all the time, seeing unexplored places every day through free walking tours, constant new experiences - but there are definitely a few pain-in-the-aspects we wish we could do without.

Here are 7 common backpacker pet-peeves and how to solve them:

1. Pesky Motion sickness



Solution: Candied ginger is a natural and portable remedy. Eat some just before boarding a boat, bus or car to ward off nausea. Always keep your eyes on the horizon and avoid prolonged reading.

2. Jetlag from Hell



Solution: That unbeatable exhaustion from constantly changing time zones while travelling doesn't have to nail you to the bed. Check out this nifty infographic on how to solve it.

3. Trying to sleep on an uncomfortable bus or plane



Sleeping on a train/plane/automobile doesn't have to be so bad! (

Solution: A good neck pillow; quiet music or earplugs; an eye mask (helps trick your brain into sleep-mode); set an alarm 10 minutes before you’re scheduled to arrive and lock your things or attach them to yourself if you’re travelling alone. It will be easier to fall asleep if you’re comfortable and feel safe.

4. Snoring dorm-mates



Snoring that sounds like a chainsaw doesn't ever help one's beauty sleep (

Solution: Sorry, suffocating them with a pillow isn't an option. Instead, use ear plugs tucked under a thick headband so they don’t fall out.

5. Filthy/Overcrowed Hostel Kitchens



Solution: Backpackers aren't exactly known for their cleaning abilities. Check out these 12 Delicious, Healthy Recipes. No waiting for the stove or scrounging for clean pots necessary!

6. Getting homesick



Solution: No matter how much fun you’re having abroad, it’s totally normal to feel a little sad now and again. Take time during your travels to keep in touch with loved ones and do something you love that reminds you why you’re exploring the world in the first place. There's nothing like a double-scoop Gelato in Sicily or a walk on the beach in Australia to chase your doubts away.

7. Finding things in your backpack



Solution: Packing cubes will squeeze all of your worldly possessions into tiny, beautifully organised packets.

8. Getting lost.



Solution: Some would argue that this pet-peeve isn't such a bad thing - sometimes getting lost leads to the best discoveries - however it can still be a pain, especially when you're in a rush. And it can be dangerous, so always be prepared. Free maps are available at tourist offices, or download offline maps on Google Maps. You'll have all the maps you need right at your fingertips (just don't let your device run out of battery).


No matter how much you love to travel, what’s the one backpacking pet-peeve you could do without? Bitch away!


Madeleine Lee