It's always good to have a book while you're on the go. Countless hours of train journeys, bus migrations and layover in airports mean you have a lot of time to spare, and if you're a book lover (like yours truly) then where's a better place to pick up a book than London? Home to endless literary greats, it's no wonder its host to thousand of book shops. But which are the best book shops in London? Well, we've got that sorted!

11.  Any Amount Of Books


lat-tr-london-books-la0022904723-20130925 (1)-min

Any amount of books is certainly correct! From trashy novel at £1 to old first editions, 'Any Amount of Books' literally has something for any kind of book lover.

10. Foyles



Foyles for books is a favourite amongst the local. It has floors of books from every single genre, it's delightful interior creates a quaint atmosphere and not to mention it's has a terrific selection of language books! So even if English isn't your first language Foyles of Books provides an excellent amount of books in a ton of languages.

9. Daunt Books



Travel lovers unite! Daunt Books is known for its array of fantastic travel books making it a haven for wanderlusters! Although we live in the digital age sometimes there is nothing better than discovering the world through the magical medium of print. And trust me, you'll be booking your trip around the world after visiting this place!

8. Word on the Water in London

Word On The Water

Located in London's trendiest area of Shoreditch, Word on the Water is not short of quirky oddities. This beautiful second-hand bookshop offers you the same wondrous atmosphere of any book lover in a bookshop, but often you'll find live music, poetry readings all while incorporating that English charm.

7. Skoob Books



Probably one of the best second-hand bookshops in London, Skoob books offers a massive range of genres from photography to philosophy! It's definitely worth checking out if you're around Russell Square and you want a great book without breaking the bank.

6. Archive Bookstore


Forget about those big corporate bookshops, a little unorganised only adds to the hunt of finding some hidden literary treasure. If you're a lover of the scent of old books and enjoy the excitement of new ones.

5. Soho Original Bookshop


This is London, a place of liberalism, where anything can happen and where bookshops are also sex shops. That's right, Soho Original Bookshop is the perfect mixture of literature and sex paraphernalia. The books are actually quite cheap, the staff are really helpful and if there's anything that tickles your fancy downstairs even better.

4. Southbank Book Market

London-book-market_4I like this place. I really like the place. It's the place to go if you just want to buy a book and not be hassled by market sellers. The layout is simple: there are tables with books, you check the price and you buy it. So it's no fuss! Plus the Southbank area is full of coffee shops with a beautiful view of the Themes, and close to Shakespeare's Globe ;).

3. Hatchards Booksellers



Just a stroll from Piccadilly Circus you'll find Hatchards Booksellers, an all-encompassing English charming bookshop. Inside you'll find the decor fairly similar to that of Flourish & Blotts located in Diagon Alley. If you're looking for a book with some elegance and a lot of character, this is the place for you.

2. Greenwich Market


greenwich market main image-min

If you're a bit of a bargain hunter and fancy some tasty (and cheap!) street food then Greenwich Market is the place to be. Drifting amongst the stalls looking for the perfect new book to indulge yourself is one of life's little pleasures.

1. The Society Club


And if you want to go all la-de-da with it you should hit up The Society Club in the of Soho. You'll be delighted to find not just delicious coffee and cakes, but great conversation as this is a literary hub. Poetry readings, Q&A with authors and book clubs, you'll find them all here!


By reading enthusiast who regularly has their lunch money stolen, Catherine Munnelly