What could be better than a fantastic view and a cold one? Well, if you find yourself wandering around Europe or planning a trip, then we have some fantastic bucket list ideas for you!

Aescher, Switzerland



A bit of a climb, but totally worth it. At the summit, you'll find the Berggasthaus! This awesome beer cafè serves good food and even better beer! If you're on a budget just pack your own!

Buna, Bosnia and Herzegovina



The Sunshine, crystal blue water and that first sip of delicious lager. Doesn't that sound amazing? Why not catch some rays by the riverside beside your buddies and completely chill out in nature's surroundings? Yes, please.

Doorwerth Castle (near Arnhem), The Netherlands



Because castle beer is the best kind of beer! Feel mighty as you gaze upon the awesome castle, soak up the beauty all while chugging down a beer. Om nom nom.


Hjørundfjorden, Norway

This one might be a bit more effort to get to, but just look at that view! After climbing to one of the mountain summit's, why not reward yourself with what? Beer? Yep, I'll have a beer.

Meteora, Greece

All that mystical looking goodness can sure make anyone thirsty! Take in the photogenic scenery with some lager yumminess. Just make sure you don't get too drunk, can't afford having backpackers falling off cliffs!

The Alcázar of Segovia, Spain

You don't really have to climb up anything to admire this view! Just lay down, relax and soak it all in! While you and your friends get completely inebriated...

Vilsalpsee, Austria



The hills are alive with the sound of music! Or drunken chanting after you've chugged a few beers from staying here for so long. Who could blame you for getting accidentally drunk! The view from here is so encapturing beautiful you won't notice the time going by.

Howth Head (Dublin), Ireland



Did you know they sell cans of Guinness, cans! No excuse not to grab a six pack and climb to the summit! The view of Dublin Bay may not help you get you' breath back. But that can will certainly help you forget about the climb! So grab a couple of fellow backpackers and head out of the city!

Liberty Hill (Budapest), Hungary



Wouldn't recommend drinking as you ascend on Liberty Hill. It's rather steep, so climbing it drunk may result in your passing out on your way up. But I'll tell you one thing, cracking open a cold one on a summers day with some new chums you've made is one of the best starts to any crazy night in Budapest.


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By beer-drinking, travel enthusiast Catherine Munnelly.