Big Ben in London, La Sagrada Familia en Barcelona, The Book of Kells in Dublin, every backpacker is aware of these major attractions in the big cities across Europe. Although a backpacker’s desire is not only to experience the big tourist spots but also find treasures, have fun and make unique experiences on their travels.

Here at we thoroughly believe in the weird and wonderful things Europe’s major cities have to offer, but we understand that every gem isn’t found easily, so lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work for you! Here are Europe’s weirdest off the map attractions...

Hit The Beach… Naked - Barcelona


Nova Mar Bella beach, not only known to be one of the best beaches in Spain, but in Europe! On this sandy beach, located on the coast of the bustling city of Barcelona, you’re guaranteed sunshine, relaxation and a lot of naked people. If you’re not completely comfortable strutting around in your birthday suit then you can opt to wear some swimwear. The best thing about this beach is that it’s free, so grab some new friends from your hostel, some sangria and head to the beach!

The Sex Toy Museum - Prague


Located off Prague’s central square lies a museum which holds the evolution of sex toys. Inside you’ll find three floors of pleasurable education, from Victorian “furniture” to an entire room of dildos, and learn about the dirty world S&M. It’s safe to say that this quirky museum has something for everyone. At 250czk, (around €9), it’s worth a visit purely for a good laugh, some funny pictures and who knows what you’ll learn!.

The National Leprechaun Museum - Dublin



Ireland: Europe’s only country known to have its own bizarre, gold digging, little creature. Located In Dublin’s city centre you can learn what all the fuss is about when it comes to these little lads. Imagine replying to that Skype message that you went to a leprechaun museum today. Truly a get starter for any conversation. You’ll have a blast in their giant furniture room, hear some great Irish legends and get some great photos in their optical illusion tunnel. For €12, it is worth the experience, something different from any art museum right?

Take A Gander Around Tempelhof - Berlin’s Abandoned Airport


A strong figure in Berlin’s struggles in the 20th Century, this airport has played host to both the Nazi’s and the Americans. A building definitely worth visiting for its intense history, but also its grounds. Berliner’s hold numerous festivals here and enjoy spending summer days cycling out on the old runways. Public tours are €13 if you want to get a different side to Berlin’s turbulent history and some awesome photographs make Tempelhof a stop on your trip! If you’re not keen on the tour, get some new dorm mates together and have a picnic on the runway, you’ll appear knowledgeable and quirky.

The Invisible Exhibition - Budapest


You never know what you got until it’s gone. Ever wonder what it would be like to be deaf or blind? Me neither, but it’d be cool to experience it. At this alternative, museum your senses will be taken away from you. Your guide, who will be either nearly deaf or the blind, will guide through the museum offering you a completely different perspective on the senses. This quirky experience costs 1700 HUF (approx €5).

Get Grossed Out At The Old Operating Theatre - London


Whether you’ve an interest in medical history or like looking at weird things then London’s creepiest museum welcomes you! The old operating theatre itself is not a replica but was once host to amputations, dissections and experimental (f*cked up) operations. Your visit is guaranteed to be gruesome, tummy-turning but certainly entertaining. Located close to the London Bridge station and at £6, it’s a museum that will live on in your memories… and maybe some nightmares.


By Catherine Munnelly. A fan of oddities.