Barcelona is a vibrant wonderland of colour, culture, sun, sea & sand and amazing nightlife. It is also a city of many fantastic hostels and the variety of types and styles of hostels to suit the traveller here is rich. Today we've brought you a quick look at just a few of the hostels which offer a homely, familial vibe with an element of tranquility and sense of sanctuary from the excitingly energetic madness of this wonderful city, all while maintaining a fun & social atmosphere. Enjoy.

Alberguinn Hostel

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Away from all the hustle and bustle, on the fringes of the tourist hot spots, is Alberguinn hostel in the quaint & traditional district of Sants where authentic local culture is all around you. A 'home away from home' vibe, Alberguinn offers a personalized experience, with staff making a real effort to get to know you and your story and help you with getting the most from your stay in Barcelona. Hostel-culture is in abundance here, as it feels like a little community of fellow travelers, including the local staff, interacting in a nice homely and familial atmosphere throughout the spacious common areas and through to the well-equipped rooms with their very comfortable beds.

Casa Gracia Hostel

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Sleek, stylish, calm, cool & clean describes Casa Gracia well. Modern and with a pleasant chilled-out vibe, this hostel offers charming common spaces which are full of character. The place feels airy, bright & sun-filled which complements the pleasant, homely boutique apartment feel. This extends to the bright and well-designed rooms, from private rooms to shared dorms (up to 6 pax), which are all ensuite while superior rooms have a balcony with city views and there's even a super-suite with a Jacuzzi. Nice!

Location is perfect for embracing the authentic local atmosphere, right in the lively heart of Barcelona and there's a lovely terrace & self-catering kitchen. The family vibe is encouraged by the friendly, helpful local staff as well as the regular, fun in-house events.

Cool&Chic Hostel


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About 10 mins by metro (and a little walking) from the central bus station is Cool & Chic hostel right beside the Nou Camp, so it's ideal for BCN football fans wanting to attend a home game in the remarkable stadium. Relaxed, laid-back and quiet, it is a nice place to chill out after a day's adventure around beautiful Barcelona. Very helpful staff and a self-catered kitchen mean you've got everything you want at really decent rates. All in all, it's very good value indeed.

BcnSport Hostel

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Located in Gracia, close to many popular attractions, is BCNsport Hostel. Given the name, this hostel has an unsurprising theme, sports, and although the decor dedicated to different sports may not be to everyone's taste, there's plenty more to attract the traveller here. Aside from good kitchen facilities, nice common areas and friendly staff, the dorms are spacious with good sized lockers, power outlets and personal light for each bed and female-only options while the spa, sauna and hot tubs appeal not just to those resting weary muscles after availing of the basketball courts, handball court, football pitch or gym facilities but also to those wanting to relax after a busy day seeing the sights. This is an ideal option for those who want a mix of energetic interaction with fellow guests and a lively atmosphere balanced with ample chill-out opportunities and the relaxation of spa facilities at fantastic rates.

HelloBcn Hostel


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HelloBcn hostel is as the name might suggest – from here you can easily be introduced to all that wonderful BCN has to offer while the hostel itself says with a smile, “Hello happy traveler, welcome”. Despite having a lively buzz about the place, it has a lovely familial feeling with a relaxed pace & tempo and plenty of opportunities to meet fellow travelers and engage with the local staff in the chilled-out bar, common areas, sun-soaked 2nd floor terrace and kitchen. In a great location for getting to and from major attractions, HelloBcn is an ideal base for your Barcelona adventure.

Itaca Hostel

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In a fantastic location in the Gothic quarter, Itaca hostel sits on a quiet little side street off of busy Cathedral Square but has the feeling of being miles away from the hectic hustle & bustle around the corner. The atmosphere here is tranquil & chilled, nicely balanced with a familial vibe & communal atmosphere to offer a pleasant, homely space where meeting others is nurtured in fun ways such as Sangria nights and vibrant, nicely designed common areas.

The rooms are also spacious, comfortable, well equipped, well lit by natural light and stylish. Itaca is an ideal base for those seeking a cosy, fun and social retreat from the frenzy while being dancing distance from BCN party hotspots and vibrant nightlife.

Fabrizzio's Petit Hostel

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Fabrizzio's Petit Hostel is a charming, bright & cosy 'home away from home' with splashes of colour and stylish, funky design throughout. With just 20 beds, there is a very familial atmosphere here, and the space naturally nurtures a laid-back sense of communal spirit, with social areas like the living room and its big comfy couches to lounge in, a sunny terrace, and spacious kitchen.

As much as we love Fabrizzio's Petit Hostel for the design conscious approach to creating a beautiful homely environment – the (perhaps under-celebrated) cherry on top for me personally is the free breakfast which is available all day! There's a certain freedom in not having to rise up earlier than your hangover would like to make sure you get that most important meal of the day. Overall, a great value hostel and a very nice base for your time in Barcelona.

Fabrizzio's Terrace


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No, Fabrizzio isn't a really popular name for hostels in Barcelona – this is a sister hostel of the above mentioned Fabrizzo's Petit and it also offers free 24-hour breakfast. Fabrizzio's Terrace, although a slightly larger feel than it's sister, has the same focus on creating a laid-back, social atmosphere in a stylish, homely environment in a great location. Staff are very welcoming and super-friendly, the common areas are spacious yet cosy and the terrace, that which inspires the name, is a focal point of communal activity and easy-going interaction with fellow guests. Another great option for a relaxed yet social hostel experience in Barcelona.

That's it for now guys and gals. Of course there are many, many more brilliant hostels in Barcelona we will feature very soon but for now, let us know in the comments if you've stayed in any of the above and indeed, let us know if you recommend any others. Check back soon for more, happy travels.