That's right, you read correctly - statues. Well, I actually mean sculptures. Here in Prague there are so many weird and wonderful sculptures scattered around the city. Maybe if you have a free afternoon, you can do a statue-hunt?!

10.  Metalmorphosis 


This is basically a mesmerising giant spinning head made out of metal. But it doesn't just spin as you'd expect, it completely changes and disfigures itself. I walk past it every day and I'm still in awe of it. It's stupidly easy to waste a large amount of your time watching this face move. If you wanna check it out, you can find it behind the Quadrio building near Narodni Trida metro station. Although, sod's law will have it that when you go see it, it'll be stood still....

9. Embryo


I originally thought that it was a beating heart, but after research (google) I discovered that it is, in fact, an embryo. This one is best to see at night. It glows and beats. It's as if the building is breathing or something. Why not sit inside the comfy cafe called TriCafe and wait until dusk for it to turn on while enjoying a nice cup of tea?

8. Umbrella Man


I have found no information whatsoever about this man who seems to be flying using his umbrella - Mary Poppins, anyone?! - between two buildings. It's found just outside the bar La Loca. He's not there all the time though, but he'll be there when you're least expecting, and you'll believe it's a real person. Just like what happens to me, every time!

7. Il Commendatore


Czech sculptor Anna Chromy based this spine-chilling statue based on the character of the same name found in Mozart's opera Don Giovanni. Il Commendatore appears as a ghost during the opera. HOWEVER, although this is the real meaning of the statue, I've heard that the horrific emptiness of it shows the representation of Don Giovanni's soul. If you know the opera, you'll know that Don Giovanni was an absolute lad going round womanising every girl he met. SPOILER: it bites him in the ass. You'll find it outside the Estates Theatre, which is where Mozart conducted the world premiere of Don Giovanni.

6. Horse


David Cerny, a popular sculptor in Prague, designed this fascinating piece which is almost an exact replica of the statue in Wenceslas Square...but upside down. It's located in the shopping mall Lucerna which is a short walk away from the original. Not unlike Il Commendatore mentioned above, I've heard two stories about this piece. One is that it's an undermining of the highly patriotic statue in Wenceslas Square. The second being that it's a harsh reference to Vaclav Klaus, who served as the country's prime minister between 1993 and 1998, and was also president for 10 years from 2003 to 2013.

5. Memorial To Franz Kafka


If you're into literacy, then you really ought to know who Kafka is. But if you don't, then he's a native Prague-ian who wrote lots of novels and short stories. This sculpture by Jaroslav represents a little man (Kafka) sat on the shoulders of a faceless man and being guided through the streets of Prague. The image of carrying another man on his shoulders and walking through the streets is from Kafka's story called "Description Of A Struggle".

4. In Utero 


Imagine coming across this one at night. This is also by David Cerny. 6 meters tall and made out of reflective metals and so the street lights and headlights from the traffic make this piece come alive! It's of a giant pregnant woman, and I have heard that it's possible to go underneath her nether regions and stick your head inside. Whatever floats your boat, my friend!

3. Two Peeing Guys 


Everyone loves interactive art, but in my humble opinion, this takes it to the next level! Located just outside the Kafka museum in Mala Strana is another one of David Cerny's artworks entitled "Piss". I don't really need to spell it out for you, but the two men are peeing out water, BUT ALSO, there's a phone number next to the artwork. You can send a text to this number and the peeing chaps will write out your message with their *ahem* streams. Excellent, or what?

2. Babies 


In case you haven't realised, David Cerny is a favourite out here in Prague. You'll spot these creepy faceless babies in two places. One location is outside the Kampa Museum in Mala Strana. You'll see their faceless little bodies crawling around and being generally a little eerie. The second is on the Zizkov tower in Prague 3. Glance up, and you'll see the sproglets attempting to climb to the top. They were originally supposed to be a temporary feature, but due to the positive response, it was decided that they'll stay forever.

1. Man Hanging Out


You got it...David Cerny, again! This one is my absolute fave in the whole of Prague for a whole load of reasons. The first is that it's not always there, and when I first saw it I had my hand on my phone ready to call 112 for some help for this poor man. Second of all, I love watching the people on the streets. Some have a complete shock (like myself) and others just can't seem to glance away from their map for 5 seconds and don't realise that they're missing something super cool right above their heads! Apparently it's Sigmund Freud...but who knows?!


By wide-eyed statue hunter, Angharad Owen