Those of you on the fence about taking the plunge to travel the world should take some advice from backpacker wonder woman Megan Sullivan.

Why? Well, 8 months ago Megan decided to get her skin checked out. The results? Positive for cancer. Now thankfully it was caught in the early stages and she is now clear of the disease. But what she did next, is truly inspiring. Knowing life can be cut short, she decided to embark on a 13-day trip around the world, ticking off each of the new wonders along the way.


That's right: from Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Rome, Jordan, India and China she managed to tick them all off the list.



Is that all there is to the story?



Oh hell no, she needed someone to help her document her story. So why not invite along the guy you've been seeing for just two weeks? Pffft because why not.


You can check out her insane story, and see has she did all on her '7 Wonders of the World in 13 Days' blog!


Catherine Munnelly