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Travel Blog: Adventure

Young Student and Travel Blogger on Travel Tips and Writing

Isabel Leong is a young travel blogger who visited 55 cities in just under 6 months last year, an impressive feat for a young student. Isabel has garnered a lot of attention in media & the travel-blog sphere as well as amassing a significant number of budget-traveller followers to her insightful blog devoted to "the discovery of a world outside what you limit yourself to". Now in her final year of studies, we caught up with Isabel as she prepares for her next adventure to talk backpacking, beaches & nature, being bold and "unorthodox" money-saving techniques.

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14 Movies That Will Get You in the Mood (to Travel)

Sure, nothing beats the real thing, but we're all down for a fantasizing every once and a while. So break out the popcorn, get comfy in your PJs and get watching! Whether it's the thrill of a flight taking off or the excitement of a foreign place that gets you going, here's an essential list of wanderlust-inspiring movies that will get you in the mood to travel in no time.

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