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Travel Blog: London

5 European Cities You Know and Their Sister Cities You Have to Meet

The world is filled with stunning cities that all offer a unique culture, verve, and spirit. Every visit is a new experience, and every town has its own special charm. Of course, some cities are simply more famous and popular than others and you’ve likely been to- or at least heard a lot about- London, Paris, and Milan. But have you ever seriously thought to visit Johannesburg, San Fransisco, and Melbourne? These are all big and well-known cities, yet, haven’t achieved the same level of fame and touristic visibility as the first 3. And, incidentally, the latter cities are “sister cities” or “twin towns” to the first three. Bet you didn’t know that!

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Best Book Shops In London

It's always good to have a book while you're on the go. Countless hours of train journeys, bus migrations and layover in airports mean you have a lot of time to spare, and if you're a book lover (like yours truly) then where's a better place to pick up a book than London? Home to endless literary greats, it's no wonder its host to thousand of book shops. But which are the best book shops in London? Well, we've got that sorted!

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15 Things You Can Do In London For Under £5

Everyone says London is amazing, it's bustling and it's incredibly expensive. We can all agree on those points. I've been to London about 20-something times because I freakin' love the place (obviously). But I've also mastered spending a lot of time here without spending a sh*t ton of cash. There's plenty of cheap, if not free things to do in London! So without further a due, here are 15 things you can do in London for under £5!

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