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Travel Blog: Prague

10 Hostels in Prague to Call Home

Prague has become a very attractive city for backpackers & budget travellers and an ideal destination for those seeking a unique city trip owing to it's charming fairy-tale-like medieval character, rich history & vibrant culture and, of course, an exceptional nightlife. Prague is relatively inexpensive to be in; beer, food and beds are pretty cheap compared to most other European cities while it's location, slap-bang in the centre of Europe, makes it an inviting stop enroute to or from other key cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Kraków and Berlin.

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Lets Talk About Statues

That's right, you read correctly - statues. Well, I actually mean sculptures. Here in Prague there are so many weird and wonderful sculptures scattered around the city. Maybe if you have a free afternoon, you can do a statue-hunt?!

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