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Travel Blog: bookhostels

6 hostels with nature at heart

For many, a fundamental purpose of travelling and staying in hostels is simply ‘getting away’ for a while. However, exciting as a new city usually is, the city break is not necessarily always a ‘break’ at all; sometimes a change of pace & environment is what’s required to benefit body & soul, relax, recharge & rejuvenate.

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Homely Hostels in Beautiful Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant wonderland of colour, culture, sun, sea & sand and amazing nightlife. It is also a city of many fantastic hostels and the variety of types and styles of hostels to suit the traveller here is rich. Today we've brought you a quick look at just a few of the hostels which offer a homely, familial vibe with an element of tranquility and sense of sanctuary from the excitingly energetic madness of this wonderful city, all while maintaining a fun & social atmosphere. Enjoy.

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