Organic Hostel

BP:66 Adjohoun, BENIN


Organic Hostel " Private Paradise " has:
Volunteer opportunities :
Volunteers works Mondays to Fridays , from 08 AM to Noon and 04 PM to 06 PM in exchange for One daily meal and room/board.
Off on weekends

Internship/ Learning opportunities:
Students, Tourists can take a 03 months Organic Farming Training, French Learning classes and African Cooking Classes, at affordables rates.

Everyday there is a lot of fun, party with a lot of : Snacks, music, movies, games, foods and drinks.

Vegetarians and special needs are all welcomed.
Swimming Pool is also opened.



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For directions, please email or call Organic Hostel " Private Paradise " at 00229 97 23 60 40 or 00229 97 26 35 06 , Mondays to Sundays, from 08 AM to 08 PM.


Cancel with 100% refund 3 days before arrival.
24 Hours cancelation before arrival has not refund...................

No illegal activities ( Prostitution, drugs, weapons etc..) allowed in the Hostel. Everyone will be screen for security purposes.