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Orotoaba Guesthouse

Orotoaba Village, Orotoaba Village, Papua New Guinea


A great place for trekking, exploring the Fjords and Rainforest, You will also enjoy close up the largest waterfall in the Tufi area cascading down a shear drop off and splashing down 100 meters into a beautiful Fjord. Great snorkeling can be enjoyed at Jebu beach; from the waterfalls you will also enjoy panoramic views of the Fjords the Solomon Sea. Depart Tufi Resort by boat, take a right turn after leaving Tufi Fjord and head a long the coast going over turquoise reef and clear waters, passing numerous villages and beautiful tropical white sand beaches. We are then transferred to the beach by traditional canoes to where we start a trek for Oroataba Village. After a 45 minute walk we arrive at beautiful Oroatoaba Village which has a population of 180 people, this village is nestled up high between two Fjords and offers panoramic views of the Solomon Sea and the two large Fjords. We are welcome by the villages and are given fresh young coconut to drink and the sweetest pineapple to eat. We then take a 15 minute walk to a lookout that sits on top of the 50 meter waterfall where you can look down and see where we were moored at the base of the waterfalls earlier that morningYou will have the opportunity of purchasing some of the local arts and crafts from the villages; this area is World famous for there Tapa cloth making and there shell jewelry. If you like you can snorkel right at the white sand beach in front of the village, enjoy the warm clear waters that abound in beautiful reefs and spectacular colored reef fish. Village guest houses and village homestays provide very basic but adequate accommodation. You will sleep on a clean bed either on a raised bed frame or laid out on a beautifully woven mat on the floor, protected by an insect net. The room will have a table and chair and somewhere to hang your towel and clothes. While some villages have piped water, others rely on water carried from a nearby stream. Guests can bathe in the stream or scoop water over themselves in a private outdoor bathroom. Alternatively, paddle to the nearest fjord waterfall and stand under Nature's shower.Guest toilets at village stays are private pit latrines discreetly located a short distance from the bungalow. Water is also available in containers outside the guest bungalow for washing hands and brushing teeth. Toilet paper, soap etc is provided, or BYO favourite brand.Meals at village stays around Tufi are cooked in the traditional way. Seafood including reef fish is always on the menu and the local specialty is freshly caught crayfish (lobster) cooked in a variety of ways such as boiled in coconut milk, barbequed and curried. Meals always feature local vegetables and seasonal fruits including sweet potatoes, yams (similar to a stringy potato), ripe bananas, juicy pineapples, and local oranges. Meals are prepared over an open fire, often using the traditional Oro claypots. Guests will be fed, fed and fed some more. Your favourite food items can be brought with you from Port Moresby if required, your hosts will not be offended... especially if you share! 


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