We've written previously about beautiful design hostels, those which make a design-conscious effort to inject style and luxury, and often a bit of quirk, into the hostel experience with a bit of a homely vibe, too – be it industrial, art nouveau, old-world rustic, shabby-chic or Scandinavian modern (thanks IKEA), design gives the hostel a particular character and identity and adds a certain colour to your stay.

We've already brought you our recommended design hostels in Budapest. This time it's Barcelona’s turn – a wonderful city of different styles & design influences is reflected in many of its quality hostels. Here's a quick list of Barcelona hostels which have a focus on design elements to some extent.





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Located mere metres from the iconic Camp Nou, Room 018 is a modern hostel offering spacious rooms filled with natural light. It embraces the traditional hostel feel, with bunks, lockers and relative sparsity (re. furnishings) but little touches like the elegant Room 018 logo stencil engraved on each bed, clean white surfaces and subtle monochrome silhouettes tastefully decorating the walls are examples of the willingness here to utilize stylistic devices to enhance quality.

This extends to the common areas and self catering kitchen which embrace a simplistic, modern design with clean, sleek, angular surfaces of whites and blacks set off here and there with zesty lime-greens.

Breakfast is included, prices are reasonable and it's a good base for your days in BCN.




Despite the name this is one hostel, singular, located in the bustling tree-lined modernist district of L'Eixample. Creativity and comfort are key elements of the design at FreeHostels, with individually customised rooms designed by local artists of the Barcelona Academy of Art, and a fresh, modern and comfortable style throughout.

Cleverly designed, customized (and super comfortable), sleek bunks with an elegant finish demonstrates the attention to comfort & luxury being at the fore with individual blinds for each bespoke bed, interior shelving, individual light and power outlets. Breakfast is included, free tea & coffee 24/7 and very nice, friendly staff make FreeHostels a fantastic choice for your Barcelona adventure.

Dream Cube Hostel


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The highlight of this hostel for me are the Japanese inspired pod beds. In all of the dorms, from 16 beds to 4, your beds are reminiscent of the kind of sleeping chambers aboard a futuristic craft exploring deep-space in a sci-fi film. It is a very nice design feature in fact, offering ultimate comfort, individual privacy, light & power supply and personal lockers which also have an internal power-supply, very handy for wanting to charge valuable electronics while you're out and about without risking it being on show.

The common areas and kitchen are simplistic & understated, modern, clean and uncluttered. A somewhat clinical style, owing to shiny white surfaces, is offset nicely by injections of lime greens, funky furnishings, and a nod to DIY chic in the use of MDF / chip-board slabs as effective design feature. Dream Cube Hostel also offers free breakfast and the staff are very nice indeed.

The Buba House



Just off of Las Ramblas, The Buba House Hostel is in a prime location for getting stuck right into Barcelona. Perhaps a more likely a choice for it's location rather than any explicit commitment to a particular style, it deserves a mention because it manages to embrace the kind of gritty urban charm of the buzzing, melting pot of activity that is Las Ramblas, all while maintaining a cosy, homely vibe with nice design touches in the rooms adding a personable, colourful & cute sense of character.

Gracia City Hostel


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This is a stylish hostel throughout. A well balanced mix of a few different interior design styles, Gracia City Hostel creates a relaxed and pleasant, free-flowing atmosphere punctuated by influences of hipster chic décor, Scandinavian-country, modern, shabby chic touches and hints of retro here & there. Light woods contrast against dark matte browns while furnishings throw out splashes of bright greens & yellows to be toned down by the natural green hues of well-placed potted plants. Clean, tidy and welcoming, this is a pretty good choice for your visit to Barcelona.

Factory Hostels

Factory Hostels is the collective name for two different hostels; Factory Gardens Hostel & Factory House Hostel.

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Factory Gardens is a hostel with comfort at core in the dorms thanks to the comfortable beds, each with it's own light, power plug and privacy curtain while elsewhere, an industrial design is livened up by decorative items adorning light-coloured pine shelves, adding colour & warmth to cold grey concrete to create a balanced, confident style and character.


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Factory House is a modern boutique hostel offers a more homely design in Scandinavian country style with colour and creativity in equal measure. Its natural bright and fun, yet, cosy and personal. In both hostels there are pleasant outside terraces to be enjoyed as well as night-owl friendly breakfast until 12 daily. Really nice options for your stay in beautiful Barcelona.

Hostel Twentytú



Hostel Twentytú is an Eco-hostel to a large degree and has been awarded, among many, the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate for it's focus on technical-innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability. But there's also another underlying focus here, one of design which creates a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Somewhat minimalist yet full of busy colour, the common areas and kitchen are modern and functional while the beautiful and sleek upper floor outdoor terrace is cool & sexy and ideal for chilling out while the cityscape lights up as the sun sets. It's a great choice, especially if you want to be very close to the beach...and who doesn't really?!

Feet Up Hostels

Feet Up Hostels in Barcelona are Feet Up Yellow Nest Hostel & Feet Up Garden House Hostel.


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Located on a quiet street in the Les Corts district, close to the FC Barcelona home-ground Camp Nou, Yellow Nest is a charming and friendly hostel with a chilled out, yet, energetic vibe. Plush furnishings and décor in vibrant tones of orange and yellows are complemented by understated lighting in the common areas which embrace interaction and sociability while the pretty and spacious terrace is an ideal place to relax in the Barcelona sun or cool Summer evenings.


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Garden House is a clean, bright, light and cosy hostel with a real homely and familial vibe achieved by the design and style of the traditional house, complete with fireplace, embracing the spirit of a hostel and an essence of old Mediterranean rustic charm. It's a really laid-back and calm atmosphere here in a quiet oasis from the urban hustle & bustle while being mere minutes by metro from the heart of the action and, of course, there's a garden as the name might suggest, and a rooftop terrace – both of which are sun-soaked and as charming as the rest of the hostel would demand.

So that's it for now, Barcelona-bound backpackers. We hope we've helped you, even just a little, to chose one of the many fantastic hostels in Barcelona but you can always browse and book the many more hostels available on our website or on the HostelCulture app. Let us know where you're staying or if you have a favourite Barcelona hostel in the comments below. Happy Travels.