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21 Reasons Why Travelling Solo Is The Best Way To Grow

A lot of people travel alone for different reasons; they prefer the piece and quiet, no one is willing to go with them or one day they just f*ck it and buy a plane ticket. These are all very legit reasons. But little did you know that travelling alone is the best way to grow? You've become a much more confident, educated and happier person. Not to say travelling with company isn't great! But when you do it alone the experience is incredible. But how does this make me grow as a person? It can't have that much of an impact can it? Oh yes it does, and in a fantastic way...

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21 Best European Cities For Solo Female Travelers

Travelling alone is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It gives you time to reflect, learn about yourself and expose yourself for the better. Although, it can be a little daunting when you have that realisation that you are actually going to be travelling alone. It's natural to be nervous. There are some horrific stories out there involving solo female travellers. But you shouldn't let that stop you from discovering the world. When it comes to planning your trip to Europe we got the safest and most beautiful cities lined up for you, so start making your list!

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21 Types of Backpackers You'll Find In Every Hostel

Ah hostels. Always full of the weirdest and most wonderful people! Well, most of the time. It seems that no matter if you're in Pinar del Río, Prague or Phuket the same backpacker archetypes can be found. Or at least I believe so. Here are the 21 types of backpackers you'll find in every hostel!

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Best Places To Grab A Beer In Europe

What could be better than a fantastic view and a cold one? Well, if you find yourself wandering around Europe or planning a trip, then we have some fantastic bucket list ideas for you!

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Tiny Towns: Europe's Best Hidden Small Towns

We've all heard of the big, must-see European cities. But what little treasures are we missing out on by just visiting the hotspots? There are so many incredible tiny (and moderately big) towns which are so close to key travel destinations such as Prague, Amsterdam, Munich, Dublin and so forth! Wanna see what you might miss out on? Or just want some travel inspiration? Check this out!

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A New Take On 'Meaningful Travel'

I recently read one of those 'inspirational' pearls of wisdom romanticising the notion of travel, you know those random travel quotes set against a faded 'Amaro' or some such filtered image of a picturesque or sublime landscape and which tends to frequent the travel enthusiast's Facebook feed.

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Travel Buds: A Guide To Cannabis In Europe

When I was seventeen it was a very good year. It was the year I left my home-place in the countryside for the bright lights of Dublin to begin University and the academic pursuits which at that time were supposed to shape the rest of my life.

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